23 October 2010

Interview part 1

The reson why I became a artist is to have a out let in my life living with a disability, for 23 years back in 2006 my life got out of control so to speak do to me having to have a six hour back operation that almost killed me,up in till 2006 I walking under my own prower, summer 06 was hardest recovery of my life,and my "06 back operation" is still very emotionally painful for me to speak on because it changed my life forever.
The story of my art: during the summer of 06 I was doing PT 2 to 3 a week trying to good at walking using a walker., one day near the end of my Pt my Pt at the time said to me "Win your getting angry and depress from all this.,you need to see a consoler to help" My answer to my pt was sure, then on the way home I thought " that's nuts, I'm not doing it" so that same day I looked online for a painting program found one that I fall in love with,& still use today. It took a lot of time for to achieve where I am today as a artist, then this past Summer my mom who was also my aid for 23 years got Ill on july 12 then sadly pass away on aug 12 2010 so that said I fell thatI'm capable to do most any art 
Yes it's inspiring to move on,and face living everyday with a disability.      

Win K, Charles, CEO of Aspen rose arts

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Diane Wood said...

Win, I just read your bio and you are anything but disabled, my dear. You are differently abled - but not disabled. You're so talented, and such a beautiful person. Don't think of your self as DIS-abled. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are an inspiration.