25 November 2010

Fwd: Win, only 24 hours left to vote for your entry

11;30 I'm going snowboarding

win charles
ceo aspen rose arts

Valley Life for All
To create opportunities in the broader community
 for people of all disabilities  from Parachute to Aspen
 for the benefit of all
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Hi Win,

Kanto Speakers Creative Invite
VOTE: November 22-26, 2010

There are only 24 hours left until voting closes for Kanto Speakers Creative Invite on Talenthouse. Make sure your submission gets as many votes as possible – remind your friends and networks to vote now.

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Voting is easy via Facebook:
  1. On your submission's voting page, click on the blue Facebook button on the right side of the page
  2. Allow your Facebook account to connect with Talenthouse
  3. Congratulations – your vote has been registered!
Don't have a Facebook account? You may still vote via SMS by clicking the green "Vote with SMS" button and texting the information given to the number listed.

Hurry – the clock is ticking!

- The Talenthouse Team

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