22 November 2010

Hi there!

the board I'm now siting on

Our name
– Valley Lie for All

Our visionTo create opportunities in the broader community for people of all disabilities from Parachute to Aspen for the benefit of all

Our organization - We have created a Core Group who has assumed the role of the oversight committee. The Group will provide direction in regards to identification of action items, and approval of actions taken on behalf of the group. The Group will begin to create partnerships across the community, and work on setting up sub core groups as needed.

Our Core Group Organizer will be responsible for facilitating partnership creations, meeting with the community, collecting data, setting agendas, keeping notes for meetings and overall responsibility to move this initiative forward into the community. This person has not been identified and the suggestion was made that this position be filled as a paid position, funded by grants.  I'd appreciate ideas about who this person should be, and where we get funding.

win charles
Valley Life for All
To create opportunities in the broader community
 for people of all disabilities  from Parachute to Aspen
 for the benefit of all

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