06 January 2011

>>> now to the man with the golden voice. just a few days ago, ted williams was homeless. he was looking for work when a local reporter in columbus, ohio, recorded his god-given gift of voice.

>> within hours, this video went viral and now, williams has become an overnight sensation with offers from all over the country, including from this show. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> it has been quite a morning, since you talked earlier this morning to matt and meredith because everyone has been wanting to talk to you.

>> yes, couldn't even go and out and spoke smoke a cigarette.

>> what happened? somebody grabbed you?

>> kidnapped by another morning show.

>> yes, oh, god.

>> so what is it like then to just have everybody be grabbing at you like this? we should probably tell people this is just a few days ago, you were --

>> i was on i-71 in columbus, ohio, in hudson, you know, asking people for money, ann. and it is just outrageous how all of this just come to be. i mean, i thought god bless-- like i said, increments. and he just gave me a big deluge of blessings. and you know, i feel like $1 million lottery winner or, you know, dorothy landing in oz or, you know, susan boyle. she must have felt the same way with, or, you know --

>> that is amazing, really is an amazing analogy. you are from the new york area, you are from brooklyn?

>> i am from brooklyn.

>> a wonderful voice. as a teenager, you were enraptured by radio. tell us about that.

>> wwrl, that was a big station --

>> soul station.

>> that's right, with hank span and all those guys, so, we went on a field trip and the guy that i met, you know, hank span, and hank's voice didn't match the characters that i witnessed with an it was described to me as being theater of mind. radio was theater of mind. so i just wanted to give people an illusion, because sometimes when i was in my halfway, al, people would say -- i would say come down to the latest venue we are having and people would come down said, hi is ted williams around and they i would say i'm ted williams and they would like, ah. they expected something, a bigger person, you know, in most cases, a darker complementcted man, i got a kick out of that i would make my voice deeper and deeper and deeper.

>> is that the low -- can you go any further than that?

>> let me see just about how far.

>> okay. okay. we get the picture.

>> yes, ma'am.

>> it is amazing. but one of the most poignant moments this morning when i saw you talk to matt and meredith, you start talking about your mother.

>> i love that woman.

>> and you -- when was the last time --

>> 20 years a.

>> you actually saw her?

>> yes, ma'am. we actually kick kissed and hugged.

>> have you spoken on the phone with had her?

>> yes.

>> how long ago was that?

>> think last week was the first -- and she had found out, you know, that i was flagging the sign, so to speak. that didn't please her.

>> you haven't spoken to her since all this has broken? well there is a statement, i think you have gotten it here that she made this morning.

>> from your mom, julia williams she thrilled her only child is turning his life around. "this will be my day to see my son get up and do something to help himself. he has so much talent. i hope this will be the thing for him. he came from a nice family and then he went poor, poor. so, maybe this will build him had up and let him see there is more in life than hanging around with the wrong people and taking drugs."

>> that sounds like mommy. that sounds like her.

>> so, what did happen?

>> well, you know, again, in 1993, you know, i just started taking everything for granted, all of my successes and all and ran into some people who had introduced me to cocaine and prior to that i had an alcohol problem but it never took away from what i was doing. you know, i would get up in the morning and i did morning shows in columbus and i would take a little drink and "good morning, everybody, 5 minutes after 6:00, 6:05" and i kept going. but then when the cocaine was introduced to me and of course, bless his heart, john belushi and all these guys, i thought that was a drug that you know, only certain people get hooked to and you know what i mean? and i tried a little that and then eventually the crack came in and that's what killed apple jack.

>> that pulled you down?

>> yeah.

>> what pulled you up is because there was somebody, a reporter from -- what was the name of the station?

>> " columbus dispatch" with.

>> he pulled out his camera.

>> no, what happened was he came by about a week or two before he even did this and him and his family were driving, on their way to church, sunday had this particular sunday, i was stand out there and he rolled his window down and gave me as 20 bill. for people to give you $20, you know, in these times, you know, that's like, wow, that's almost like the feeling i had right now. sew gave met 20 and then he wanted to -- he was curious about the sign. so, i did something like, you know, "when you're listening to nothing but the best of oldies," his family was mesmerized, he drove off a couple weeks later, he said he had been going, trying to find me again. so he gave me a couple dollars and i was happy and then the very next day, here we with comes, out of nowhere, with this camera said, listen, i work for the " columbus dispatch"a web designer, anyway you could do something for me, when i come up the ramp, i want you to hold your sign and do what is normal. he gave me my dollar. i didn't care what i had to do to get that dollar, i wanted that dollar.

>> this goes viral and all of a sudden, you end up here.

>> isn't that crazy?

>> what is your dream job? what would it be?

>> i would like to be a music direct other of a radio station, you know, a popular radio station it can be a.m., fort myers or whatever, but -- am, fm or whate ver, because i feel like i have a taste of what people like to listen to.

>> all those people --

>> god, i can't get of this. i'm sorry, i had to say that.

>> i know, but to all those people -- okay, all right, well, so what you are feeling then, the intensity of this moment, all coming down on you?

>> yes, ma'am yes w.

>> here you are?

>> yes.

>> be able to hand this will, ted? how is that feeling?

>> well, this lovely lady that you guys referred me to she is a psychologist and she was telling me about, by live her name is miss atkins, dale consistency.

>> she is wonderful.

>> given me this little exercise of breathing and given me advice because i told her this is so crazy, being the recovering alcoholic and as duct that i am, she said meditate before medicate, because i told her i could use a nerve pill right about knew nice little sedative of some sort, so she took me to a place, most happiest moment in my life, when i was young, my mom took know bermuda. and i think that's dish love bermuda, you know, i don't know what's going on in bermuda now but in the '70s, that was the hawaii of the atlantic as far as i'm concerned. and being from new york, bermuda is the closest thing to hawaii that we have. so, she has told me about how to deal with this situation with breathing. so it is something i haven't done before. i'm going to try t.

>> you have every right to feel overwhelmed and she is absolutely right that you should --

>> i can't tell you how much i look at y'all, man, on tv. this is outrageous.

>> a good chance to -- we are going to go to a commercial, we are

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