05 February 2011

In love and honor of mother

Dear mom
You left me at 23 with cp I sometimes worded why that was But I will never know
You left a very Strong young woman here on earth
Thank u mommy for setting up a amazing support system of friends and family 23 year ago to guide me in my life
Mom I never really knew how much you were loved in this valley until a week or 2 after your passing
I never really appreciated what a amazing mommy you were to me for 23 years
I miss u everyday
Much love
Your daughter

"I'm a disabled woman, living a non-disabled life"~ Win C


berrybluecreations said...

Hi! Lovely letter. I have CP also and I'm an artist/crafter as well. You may have seen me on Etsy as berrybluecreations or DollsandAnimalsbyDBW
Having CP is always an adventure, just ask me I know, I've been on this adventure for almost 43 years.

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful Win.

One of the biggest lessons that Motherhood taught me was how deep a Mother's love really is and how it doesn't matter if it's appreciated all the time or not.