18 March 2011

Fwd: Amanda and News from Berkeley Bionics


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I wanted you to see the amazing company I'm so privileged to be employed with...and the newsletter I created.  I truly feel as though I've hit the jackpot with Berkeley Bionics, I am able to utilize my skills and talents...and the best thing is that I get to be a super test pilot for eLEGS!!!! 


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With love as always, Amanda

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                                                                                               Berkeley Bionics


Time Magazine eLEGS


News from Berkeley Bionics

March 2011

Tim Swift with Jerry McClain

Berkeley Bionics engineer Tim Swift assists eLEGS test pilot Jerry McClain. Jerry is an incomplete C6 quadriplegic.


What is eLEGS? 

eLEGS is a wearable, artificially intelligent, bionic device that enables people with paralysis to stand up and walk again. Our exoskeleton is battery-powered and rechargeable, fitting comfortably and securely over your clothing. We believe that, eventually, any person who has some form of paralysis or weakness will benefit from using eLEGS. For now, if you can self-transfer from a wheelchair to a chair, are between 5 foot 2 inches and 6 foot 2 inches tall and weigh up to 220 pounds, you are most likely an excellent candidate to use eLEGS. Initially, eLEGS will be used under medical supervision for rehabilitation and training.


We have had many inquiries from individuals to test pilot eLEGS. However, we must proceed with safety as our highest priority to accomplish some critical initial milestones. 


Our Clinical Manager, Darrell Musick CPT, is gathering clinical profile data on a select group of local Bay-area test pilots to demonstrate the range of eLEGS' capabilities.  


In a clinical setting, standard protocols require that you begin using eLEGS with safety tethers or parallel bars, proceeding to the use of spotters as you become more acclimated to standing, walking and sitting.


eLEGS is not yet available to the general public. Investigational studies will commence soon at select rehabilitation clinics in the United States.


At that time, eligible patients will have the opportunity to enroll in a medically-supervised eLEGS gait training program, working with their physical therapist. Therapists will undergo training in order to become eLEGS-certified prior to assisting patients.

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Jason Gieser wheelchair transfer

Jason Gieser


to walk in eLEGS

Jason Gieser eLEGS

Jason Gieser walks in eLEGS. Jason is a T-3 ASIA A Complete Spinal Cord Injury and has been paralyzed from the chest down for 2 1/2 years.

Insights from our CEO 
Eythor Bender
Imagine a robot that could give anyone super-human abilities including helping wheelchair users to power up, stand up and walk. Robotic technology in the form of a ready-to-wear exoskeleton is not a wave of the future but has been actualized at Berkeley Bionics. It is our company's vision to augment everyone's potential through personal bionics.



For 500 years, the only mobility option available to people for whom walking is difficult or impossible has been the wheelchair. Exoskeleton technology is not a binary solution but one step towards improving the lives of millions-whether you're able-bodied or disabled.  The HULCTM (Human Universal Load Carrier) enables a soldier to carry up to 200 lbs while augmenting ability, strength and endurance.  In 2009, we licensed HULC to Lockheed Martin and they are making it field-ready for military use. 


eLEGS, on the other hand, helps a paralyzed person walk.A series of sensors works in conjunction with a novel gesture-based human machine interface to detect your intentions. The battery-powered, on-board computer then commands motors at the hip and knee joints to move your legs through a smooth, natural gait.


Our next achievable milestone is to collaborate with multiple primary rehabilitation facilities in the US and abroad in terms of clinical leadership and testing for safety and efficacy with regulatory bodies worldwide. We plan to optimize the technology, clear hurdles and create training protocols so that eLEGS will become an accessible, practical and affordable mobility choice. It is our company's plan to release a personal version you can take home with you by 2013.  


We are on the precipice of an era of renewed mobility which cannot wait for another decade or two. We are powering up with leaders, financiers, and visionaries alike so that we may impact millions of lives. We are making walking a reality and we will uplift the human condition in ways never before imagined, not just for wheelchair users or soldiers, but for everyone.


Eythor Bender


Taking the stage  


The Rediscovery of Wonder

On stage at TED

Photo credit: James Duncan Davidson / TED

We did it! We couldn't be more proud to announce that we presented at the TED2011 conference on Thursday, March 3, 2011 in Long Beach, California. The theme for TED2011 was "The Rediscovery of Wonder," and Eythor Bender, our CEO, presented during the "Invention and Consequence" session. Eythor informed an audience of 1,500 incredible thinkers and doers about our bionic exoskeleton technologies and what the future holds. Quoted by Brain Pickings as "one of the day's most jaw-dropping demos, the kind that restores one's faith in humanity", the crowd was in awe as Russ Angold, our Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, strode across the stage in the HULCTM exoskeleton and Amanda Boxtel, who has been paralyzed for 19 years, showcased eLEGS. 


Starting this month, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer will take a deeper look into the remarkable work of TED speakers and feature their related TEDTalks on ABCNews.com. We'll be sure to let you know when our interview is televised. Alternatively, go to www.abcnews.com/worldnews to keep track.


We'll also post the Youtube link to our TED2011 presentation when it's available online.

What are our test pilots saying?
Jason Gieser 


All my life I have been a fighter! I've never given up hope to what most people would call the impossible. I knew I would walk again - there was never a doubt in my mind. It was just a matter of time. I felt that was God's promise to me.  I am excited to say that His promise was fulfilled. While my legs still do not work, it has not stopped me from walking in eLEGS.


The first time I was introduced to eLEGS, I stared like it was something out of a movie. How could I be a part of something so big? My mind was rushing, heart pounding, and excitement wanting to burst out like a little kid at Christmas. As I was being fitted into eLEGS my body started to feel at peace, my mind clear and my only thought was I'm going to walk now. 


The engineers asked, "Are you ready to stand?" I said "Yes" like you wouldn't believe! 


As I took my first few steps, I was almost concentrating too hard at walking right, and not falling. I took a moment to gaze around, and the world appeared as it did two years earlier before my accident. I could look people eye-to-eye without having to peer up. I was whole again! Not that I'm not whole, but at that moment I was remembering for the first time what it was like to walk. Berkeley Bionics' eLEGS has made the "impossible" possible!  More... 

Save the Date



for potential users of eLEGS


On Friday, July 15th Berkeley Bionics is opening the doors for you to visit us.  While eLEGS won't be available for purchase for in-home use until 2013, we'd like to invite you to engage in a dialogue with us and see eLEGS live. Enjoy an afternoon filled with eLEGS demonstrations, meet our staff, and learn first-hand about our company's vision and projected milestones. 





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