15 March 2011

Fwd: Update: Japan's stocks plummet again amid nuclear fears

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News Update

Japan's stocks plunge again amid nuclear disaster fears

Amid fears of nuclear disaster, Japan's Nikkei stock index closed down 1,015 points, or 10.6% Tuesday, at 8,605 -- the biggest one-day drop since it plunged 11.4% on Oct. 16, 2008, amid the U.S. financial-system rout.

The plunge came as dangerous levels of radiation escaped a quake-stricken nuclear power plant after one reactor's steel containment structure was apparently breached by an explosion, and another reactor building in the same complex caught fire, Japan's leaders told a frightened population.

Authorities warned that people within 20 miles of the crippled reactors should stay indoors to avoid being sickened by radiation.

Prime Minister Naoko Kan, in a nationwide address to the Japanese people, called for calm even as he acknowledged the radiation peril. Dressed in industrial-style blue coveralls, he offered solemn assurances that authorities were doing "everything we can" to contain the leakage.


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